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Drinking Alarm Reminder Gadget multicoloured
ART: 845050000
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Scope of supply: 1 Drinking Alarm (with battery).
Colour: multicoloured (colour can be chosen from 5000 pieces).
Material: plastic.
Minimum purchase: 1000 pieces.
The casing provides enough space for the placement of logos.
From 5.000 pieces you can
- choose the colour
- design the blister yourself.

Do you drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day?
We should drink 2.5-3 liters of water a day. About half a liter to a liter receives the body from solid food. The rest must be supplied by specific beverage.
As a guide: drink every hour a glass of mineral water.

Often is drinking simply forgotten. In this case, the dehydration can lead to significant health problems, as lack of concentration, migraine up to kidney failure.

At work as at home is drinking often forgotten in addition to all other activities through the day. Also in hospitals or nursing homes it is often impossible to know when each patient has drunk and how much.
The drinking-alarm provides a remedy:

• Easy to use
• No on/off switch
• No complicated programming
Put the drinking alarm at the top of your water bottle and off you go. After one hour it starts flashing and does not stop until you take him of the bottle. After drinking, put it back on the lid and the drinking alarm starts again. You'll be reminded every hour of drinking! As simple and effective as it can be!

The hydration alarm is battery powered. The battery is removable and can be used in normal use up to 1000 times. The optical light is not disturbing for the environment and is also for hearing-impaired people a benefit.

A simple and effective reminder for the every day life!

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